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Prince of Persia: Warrior Within Gameplay

At first the screen focuses on the sea and the footsteps of someone running are heard, then the city of Babylon is seen and then someone is shown escaping from a shadow or monster, which is destroying everything in its path including a scary dog to that person, until he reaches a dead end (specifically a closed door at the end of an alley) and it is revealed that he is the prince, at that moment in an apparently demonic and resentful way, he turns resigned to the fight to look at his pursuer, draws his swords and in the reflection of his eyes an immense creature is seen that is thrown against him. Then suddenly, they show the prince’s ship in the middle of a storm, when a ship with sand monsters appears and a girl dressed in black, who is the commander of the ship. The enemy ship boards it and, while they kill everyone, the prince goes in search of the girl in black to kill her. When he reaches her they begin to fight, but when he sees that he will not be able to defeat the prince, he tells him that the Empress has underestimated him, distracting him with these words he asks if the Empress has sent him and she takes the opportunity to take the sword from him by throwing it and sticking it in a beam, and throws it into the water by kicking it.

Then we see a vision of the prince in which he talks to the wise old man, whom he has so much affection for. The old man explains the Dahaka , a terrifying beast and the guardian of the timeline, is chasing him. He explains that he (the prince) must have died for having opened the Clock of Las Arenas. The prince, ignoring the old man, tells him that he would rather die trying to get rid of the beast than just wait for his death. The old man tells him that it does not suit him and explains that what is written on the timeline cannot be changed. The prince decides to go to the Island of Time to prevent the Empress of Time from creating the sands and, therefore, the Dahaka has nothing against him. But the old man tells him that his journey will not end well and that no one can change his destiny.