Tropico 3 Gold Edition-[GOG]

Name : Tropico 3 Gold Edition |

Platform : PC |

Release Date : 2009 |

Game Type : Strategy |

Crack : Cracked |

Size : 3.56 GB |

Language : English, French, Italian, German, Spanish

You decide whether you want to use your army to secure your power base in the best traditions of corrupt, unscrupulous
tyrants everywhere or lead your people to prosperity in your role as generous elder statesman.

Don�t forget to keep a sharp eye on the dangers and side-effects of your absolute power! Obstacles lurk on around every corner, whether it�s militant revolutionaries bent on installing a communist junta, or the machinations of the superpowers USA and the Soviet Union, both of whom would like to see a more amenable ruler in strategically important Tropico! It�s good to be El Presidente. As your �election� campaign said. Vote El Presidente. Vote often!

Bonus contents

– manual
– wallpaper
– soundtrack
– 2 avatars
– artwork

What’s cool about it

�  Tropico 3 Gold Edition includes the original Tropico 3 and its expansion: Tropico 3: Absolute Power.
�  Run your island as a benevolent dictator or a diabolical despot
�  Wander the island in �avatar mode� as El Presidente and directly influence the course of play!
�  Use political speeches, edicts, and �other� means of influence to control your people.
�  A random mission generator means no two games will be the same.

Compatible with: Windows Xp, Vista, 7 (32&64 bit)

1. Download
2. Unrar
3. Setup
4. Play


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