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The 21-year-old archaeologist Lara Croft breaks under the direction of Dr. James Whitman went on an expedition to the Pacific to find the fabled island of Yamatai . After several days of unsuccessful search, she hits the dragon triangleas a new search area. Whitman is skeptical as he suspects the position of the island elsewhere. The captain of the ship, Conrad Roth, trusts Lara’s intuition and sets course for the dragon triangle. There the ship was hit by a storm and stranded on an unknown island. Shortly after the failure of contacting the ship’s crew, consisting of the boatswain Grimm, the technician Alex, the ship’s cook Jonah, the mechanic Reyes, Lara’s best friend Sam and Whitman, Lara is kidnapped by islanders and dragged into a cave, from which she, however, is can flee. Then Lara starts looking for the crew of her ship, the Endurance. With the help of a radio, the contact with Roth succeeds and she meets Sam again, who is sitting at a campfire with a man named Mathias who is also stranded on the island. However, while Lara sleeps, the two disappear.

When Lara wakes up, she is worried about Sam’s disappearance. First she goes in search of the other members of the ship’s crew, which she soon finds, with the exception of Roth. Together they then decide to split up to find their comrades. While Jonah, Grimm, Reyes, and Alex set out to find Sam, Whitman and Lara set out to find Roth. The latter discover that the island is inhabited by the followers of a Japanese cult who worships the sun queen Himiko . Whitman sees research into this cult as an opportunity to restore his tarnished reputation as a scientist. Whitman surrenders when he and Lara are surprised by locals shortly afterwards.

After Lara escaped from the islanders’ camp, she runs into the wounded Captain Roth. She takes care of his wounds and then tries to call out for help. To do this, she climbs a radio tower at a Japanese base from World War II . With the help of Alex, who gives her instructions by radio, Lara can contact a nearby search aircraft. However, during the approach to the island, a severe thunderstorm approaches and the plane crashes.

Lara meets Roth again and sets out to look for the crashed pilots. After she discovered the first pilot, he was killed by the locals shortly afterwards. When she finds the second pilot, now used by Mathias as bait, she is captured. Shortly thereafter, Mathias reveals himself to be the leader of the islanders, the Solarii sectbelong. Lara discovers that the cult queen’s soul is trying to find a suitable body to survive. With Sam, Himiko believes that she has found a suitable carrier for her soul, which is otherwise soon to die, and does everything to get hold of her. After Lara managed to escape, she is looking for Sam again. She discovers that the storms come from Queen Himiko and are intended to make it impossible to leave the island.