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Stronghold Legends Gameplay

Compared to its predecessor Stronghold 2 , which is generally considered a bit overloaded, the developers tried Stronghold Legendstake a step back. For example, there are still plagues of rats, burglaries in the granary and other plagues in the form of random events, but they have significantly less influence on the game and should thus make it easier again. Each legend has its own architectural style and availability. In addition, each legend has other special or hero units available. For example, while Siegfried and Vlad the Impaler are militarily favored because of mythical figures such as giants, fairies, dwarfs or demons, the player with King Arthur has to rely more on the size of his army. On the other hand, you have an advantage with this in the defense of the castle, since he wall-mounted Mangenand its units are comparatively cheap.

As in its predecessors, the popularity rating is a key factor in building the castle. Farmers who are available as workers and soldiers only come to the castle if the popularity rating exceeds 50%. Plenty of food, beer and church services increase popularity, taxes or non-availability of food decrease it.

At the beginning of a game round you have a piece of land in which you can erect buildings. Depending on the map, there may also be neutral lands. These can be captured by troops or bought with honor, as long as neutral. You cannot build military or special buildings in conquered lands, but conquered lands produce gold, honor and raw materials that are transported to your home country. Visually, each estate adapts to the faction that it controls by changing the flag in the center of the estate, while the peasants’ clothes change to the respective faction color.

The goods and production chains have largely been taken over from the predecessor , but the relative construction costs of various buildings have changed significantly. Goods such as wood or stone are always localized and must therefore be transported between production, storage and processing locations. When building buildings, trading and recruiting soldiers, however, the necessary materials are used directly in the warehouse.

Gold, fame and honor
As in the predecessor, there are the resources gold and honor, and fame is newly introduced. Gold can be obtained through taxes, the sale of goods, and the control of neutral lands. Almost all military units are recruited with gold. As in the predecessor, honor is received through the provision of fine food, a varied range of food, church services and victory statues. Melee soldiers and all special forces are recruited with honor. Glory is gained when melee units kill enemy units. With fame, only victory statues can be erected that regularly generate honor.

Each faction can recruit soldiers and special forces, the Arthurian faction and the evil faction can also build siege equipment. Some units can fly, which means they can move freely across the map, and some special forces can climb walls without aids. With the exception of dragons, military units have no training time but appear immediately. A difference to all previous offshoots of the series is the location of the unit spawn. In Stronghold: Legends, units appear directly in front of the recruitment building, but in all previous offshoots they had to walk to the recruitment building before they could be commanded.

The available soldiers (lancers, bow and crossbowmen, pikemen, maces and swordsmen, knights) are the same as in the previous version . The weapons and armor required are unchanged, but the costs have been modified. All melee units except Lancers now require honor for training, while ranged fighters can be recruited without honor. Horses for knights are no longer bred, but can be purchased for honor.

Siege devices
The siege devices are largely taken from the predecessor . However, there are also innovations such as the werewolf thrower, which can catapult werewolves over walls. In addition, in contrast to all earlier titles in the series, tribocks can now be assembled and dismantled as required.

Special forces
Each faction has a building for recruiting special forces. Unlike soldiers, special forces do not require weapons or armor, just gold and honor. Some units are heroes. You can only have one copy of each hero. Heroes have a special ability that can be actively used. In addition, each faction can hatch a dragon . In contrast to all other units, the dragons have a training period, and a dragon automatically dies after a short time.

Round table
In addition to their dragon, the Arthurian faction only has hero units. In addition to the magician Merlin , the knights Sir Gawain , Sir Gareth , Sir Lancelot , Sir Galahad , Sir Parzival and Sir Bedivere can also be called. The green dragon can set generic units and buildings on fire.
Ice tower
The ice faction has the ice queen as a hero unit. Ice maids, polar bears , ice giants , white witches (ranged flying units), white wolves and dwarves are also available. The Ice Dragon can freeze enemy units.
Wizard tower
The evil faction has a magician as a hero unit. In addition, demons (arsonists who can climb walls), hellhounds, crawlers (wall climbers who convert enemy ranged fighters), werewolves, giant demon bats (flying, explosive kamikaze units) and Saxon warriors can be recruited. The black dragon can set generic units and buildings on fire.