State of Decay 1 PC Game Download Free

State of Decay Gameplay

In the game, players take on the role of shop workers and Marcus Campbell tried the zombie – apocalypse to survive. The action takes place in the fictional Trumbull Valley.

After returning from a fishing trip with his friend Ed Jones , he realizes that the world has been invaded by zombies. The two join the soldier Maya Torres and use a walkie-talkie to contact Lily Ritter. They follow her direction and come with her to a church called the Church of the Ascension, where Lily has established a base with other survivors. She convinces them to stay and so they get to know the community.

As the game progresses, the survivors become aware of the presence of the US Army in Trumbull Valley, led by Sergeant Erik Tan and Captain Diane Montressor. They later find out that the aim of the army is not to evacuate the survivors , but to find the cause of the outbreak. You’ll also find local citizen leader Judge Lawton, who barricaded the court with local law enforcement . It puts the citizens in its care, taking into account the laws of warand plans to rebuild the city after the zombie incident is over. Later, the characters also meet the Wilkersons, who try to make profit from the disaster and exploit survivors.

The court falls victim to a zombie attack and Lawton dies. Captain Montressor is evacuated, leaving Sergeant Tan and his men behind. Together with Tan, the player discovers numerous corpses at the reservoir and uncovered the cause of the outbreak. You plan to leave the valley and set out on the only road that leads out and is blocked by a concrete wall.

While Tan sets up the explosives , the player keeps arriving zombies. Tan discovers that the detonator has failed and the explosives cannot be detonated from a safe distance. He volunteers to detonate it manually, claiming that he is already infected. In doing so, he sacrifices himself and sets off the explosives that destroy the wall. When the smoke clears, the player sees that the other side is also filled with wrecked cars and corpses, meaning that the apocalypse has already spread outside of Trumbull Valley. The survivors leave the valley and the game ends.