Saints Row The Third PC Download Game Full

Saints Row The Third Gameplay

A few years after the triumph of Stilwater, the Saints are very well known thanks to the Ultor company conquered in Stilwater: clothing, energy drinks, figurine with the effigy of Johnny Gat (who has become a hero since the previous section), etc. But when the leader of the Saints, Johnny Gat, Shaundi and Josh Birk rob a bank unaware that the bank is owned by the Syndicate, a large underworld corporation ruling over the nearby town of Steelport, the leader, Gat and Shaundi are captured. On the plane that brings them to Steelport, the Syndicate introduces themselves. We learn that the leader is Philip Loren, a Belgian. We also learn that Viola and Kiki DeWynter, twin sisters, are Loren’s seconds. They offer a market to the Saints: let them save their lives if the Saints give them 66% of their profits (and this, before taxes obviously). Of course, the Saints will explicitly refuse and declare a new gang war, this time to Steelport.

This is a GTA-like like in Saints Row 2, played in the third person. The character you play is chosen after the first mission. The player can customize it according to his own wishes: male or female, obese, anorexic, athletic, as well as the shapes of the face: eyes, nose, chin, skull, ears, jaw … The skin color varies between different colors ( purple, gold, silver, green, pink, oiled skin, etc.). During the first mission, the character played is in a Johnny Gat suit and is dubbed with a voicecoder.

The game takes place in an open world . It is allowed to drive and customize different types of vehicles, such as cars (sports, family, urban, SUV, etc.), motorcycles (racing, road, cross), helicopters, airplanes (tourism or private jet) , boats, military vehicles (tank, Hum-vee, etc.) and many others.

We can also cite STAG vehicles (planes capable of hovering, fast helicopters, etc.). STAG also has tanks and flying motorcycles.

The game also allows the use of weapons of all types and sometimes delusional: the famous Penetrator , the Nocturne (a large sword used by Deckers) or dematerialized UZIs. We also find the A-fists-calypse throughout history.

There are also elements of science fiction in this game, such as clones, genetically modified humans or futuristic weapons and devices.