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Saints Row IV Gameplay

Sometime after the events of Saints Row: The Third, the Saints travel to Pakistan to kill Cyrus Temple, who has teamed up with the terrorists. There they meet the new character of the series, Ashu Odekar. They are also helped by Matt Miller, who was the antagonist of the third part of the game. After some time, the Boss of the Saints kills Cyrus Temple, but the latter managed to activate the bomb, which is to explode in Washington. After successfully defusing the bomb, the Boss jumps and finds himself in the White House.

5 years after the events in Pakistan, the Boss with the entire gang, which included characters from various parts of the series, become the president of the United States. The action takes place in the White House. Before getting into the meeting room with journalists, 3 characters will approach the Boss: Keith David, the politician and Josh Birk, he will also see Oleg. After he has approached the hall, Shaundi stops him and says that aliens may attack. After a short time, the ceiling of the hall explodes, and aliens appear. The head of the aliens, Zignac, says that humanity should be happy that they will now live in the Zin empire. Zignac kidnaps Kinzi and Shaundi. Moving through the White House, the Boss sees his friends being kidnapped. After some time, Zignak kidnaps the Boss himself.

After being kidnapped, the Boss wakes up in the past. The past is Stillport in the 50s. After a while, he walks to the car, next to which is a police officer, They go to the cafe to chat with the best people of Steelport. Before arriving at the cafe, Boss realizes that something strange is happening here. Arriving at a cafe, he begins to meet people. Realizing that he was not a real person, and part of the simulation, he swore at the whole cafe. The policeman said that was not the way to speak in Steelport. As they drove away, Boss heard Kinsey. She said that he was in simulation and that he needed to get out. Arriving at the park, he began to create chaos in order to get out of here. But the escape failed, then Zignak appears and says that if he tries to escape, he will blow up the planet.

Next, Zignak throws the Boss into Steelport’s simulation. Kinsey says that you need to get familiar with the simulation in order to get out of here. Then there are introductory tasks. The boss will gradually gain super powers.

After completing all the introductory tasks, Kinzi says that you can run. After the Boss enters the portal, which frees him. After being freed, the Boss gets on an alien ship, he moves to the platform, where he was supposed to be picked up by Keith David from Kinzie Kensington. After successfully escaping, the Boss begins to control the ship. After they get out, they fly to the ground. Kinsey called Oleg to warn him. At this moment, Zignak blows up the Earth. The Saints return to the Zin Empire to free their friends.