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Two months after the events of the final manhunt in the city of Rockport , Brian decides to return to his hometown: Palmont City and with a federal arrest warrant on him. On his way back, he finds his hometown in chaos and while driving, he begins to remember parts of what happened before fleeing the Palmont City police at that time. In a flashback, it is revealed that a friend of his named Darius ( Tahmoh Penikett ) loaned Brian his Toyota Supra so that he could compete in a race on behalf of Darius.

When the race starts, Brian starts to take the lead, but just as they are reaching the finish line, the other runners are surprisingly attacked by EMP weapons.which immediately disables the other racers’ cars, except for the blue Toyota Supra used by Brian. At that moment, all the Palmont City police arrive at the scene and arrest all the runners who competed, with the exception of Brian, who tries to get his girlfriend Nikki into the car with the suitcase, but the latter does not succeed and only leave the bag of gambling money in the car. Brian immediately runs away from the scene, but when he checks the suitcase.

he discovers that he was tricked into being given a bag full of papers instead of the money and during that moment, Darius calls Brian and mentions that the rival gangsthey are demanding their money back due to police intervention and finally Darius mentions to Brian to take the Toyota Supra and flee the city as soon as possible. Back today, as Brian continues his tour of Carbon Canyon with his BMW M3 GTR E46 heading for the city, unexpectedly, ex-Sergeant Cross ( Dean McKenzie ) appears in his Chevrolet Corvette C6 Z06 behind Brian (who He was fired from the Rockport Police Department for letting him get away last time and is now a bounty hunter) and chases after him with the aim of catching him at all costs. Despite trying to escape from Cross, the chase ends when Brian accidentally crashes his BMW M3 GTR E46 into a truck loaded with steel pipes, wrecking the car.