Metal Gear Solid 2 – Substance [PC]

Name : Metal Gear Solid 2 – Substance |

Platform : PC |

Release Date : 2003 |

Game Type :  Action |

Crack : No Need Crack |

Size : 3.71 GB |

Language : English |

Konami’s re-release of the popular Metal Gear Solid 2 title, on PlayStation 2, Xbox, and PC, expands gameplay with added options, and features. The largest addition to gameplay are the over 200 fun and challenging VR missions split between four specific modes– Sneaking mode, Weapon mode, First Person View mode, and Variety mode.

In addition to VR missions, Alternative missions have also been included; allowing players to test their skills in Bomb Disposal mode, Photograph mode, Hold Up mode, and Elimination mode. Play as Solid Snake in the new Snake Tales missions, which incorporate everyone’s favorite MGS character into five new action-packed stories.

Solid Snake returns in Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance, the expanded edition of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, with all-new game modes, hidden characters, and storylines. Top-secret weapons technology is being mysteriously transported under cover of an oil tanker to an unknown destination. It’s up to Snake to infiltrate the transport and keep this deadly weapon of mass destruction from falling into the wrong hands.

  • More than 350 VR missions and more than 150 alternate missions.
  • Five all-new Snake Tales side stories.
  • Hidden playable characters and new game modes.
  • Contains the entire Sons of Liberty game.


  • – Windows 98/2000/Me/XP (officially)
  • – 800 Mhz Intel or AMD
  • – 128 MB RAM
  • – DirectX 8.1bc 32 MB of video memory (NVIDIA GeForce 2 or equivalent)
  • – 9 GB free hard disk space for game


  • – Windows 2000/XP (officially)
  • – 1.0 Ghz
  • – 512 MB RAM
  • – DirectX 8.1bc 128 MB of video memory (NVIDIA GeForce 4 or equivalent)

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Read carefully

1) Install the game normally
2) Install “patch 2.0”
3) Copy crack to the folder where the game was installed
PS: You must use – Metal Gear Solid 2 v2.0 [ENGLISH] No-DVD/Fixed EXE – DONT use modified cracks like Geforce or Radeon cracks
4) Install the software “Frhed-1.6.0”
4.1) After the program is open click “File -> Open” and locate the file “mgs2.exe”
4.2) You will see a lot of codes
4.3) Click on the “CTRL + F” and locate the word “geforce” – without quotes … The following is the most important part
4.4) Who uses ATI graphics card must replace the word “GeForce” with “removed” and let the word “Radeon” on the left as is
4.5) Who uses Nvidia graphics card must replace the word “Geforce” with “removed” and replace the word “Radeon” Why “GeForc”
PS: CAREFULLY with caps sensitive, it is very important!
4.6) Click “SAVE”
5) Do exactly the same for the file “mgs2_sse.exe”

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