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Just Cause 2 Gameplay

The US is concerned about the Southeast Asian island nation of Panau because the pro-US President Panaus has been assassinated and the island’s foreign policy course has changed significantly under the new ruler Pandak Panay. Therefore, the American secret service agency ordered an agent, Tom Sheldon, to the island to observe the conditions there.

Contact with this agent was lost. The agency assumes that Sheldon has switched sides. So she sends another agent, Rico Rodriguez, to find Sheldon. He is hiding on the island due to the government’s xenophobic policy.

In addition, someone codenamed the White Tiger is calling for a rebellion against President Panay. In order to get information about the White Tiger, Rico supports local rebel organizations that formed when the president came to power. There are a total of three rebel groups, the communist-oriented Reapers, the mafia-like Roaches and the nationalist Ular Boys. Rico supports the factions by helping them take over forts and completing various missions for them. At the same time he receives orders from the agency, which also serve to weaken the regime.

During a mission in a temple for one of the rebel groups, Rico meets the White Tiger, who identifies himself as the wanted agent Tom Sheldon. After the joint escape from a major attack by government forces, the two work together, with Sheldon taking over the organization of arms deliveries.

As the game progresses, the player learns that the rebel groups are supported by Japan, China or Russia. All of these nations, like Rico’s client from the USA, are targeting the oil reserves in the Panau Sea. Rico is therefore set on the supporters from the three states, who are mostly former high-ranking military. He succeeds in eliminating this in the Three Kings Hotel in Panau.

Finally he sets out to take out President Panay. After an assassination attempt in his property failed, Rico attacks him in a nuclear submarine, which turns out to be the last place of retreat for the president. The president fires four nuclear missiles with this, aimed at Japan, China, Russia and the USA. Rico manages to defuse the missiles, killing the president. A missile hits the island’s oil reserves, destroying them. As a result, the four great powers lose interest in Panau.