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In 2013, a year after Kim Jong-il’s succession , North Korean leader Kim Jong-un unifies North and South Korea to form the Greater Republic of Korea. The influence of China and the fall of the United States by economic stagnation and a war between Iran and Saudi Arabia interrupts the supply of oil from the Middle East. As the United States withdraws troops abroad to deal with domestic instability, including the debate over Texas secession and an outbreak of bird flu known as Knoxville Cough, the Greater Republic of Korea annexes Japan and several Southeast Asian countries. Homefront Game By the year 2022, an economic decline begins in the United States. Finally, in 2025, a satellite, launched under a purported program to replace the decaying global positioning system, detonates a nuclear electromagnetic pulse over the continental United States. Destruction of electronics across the country is followed by troop landings in Hawaii and San Francisco, the descent of paratroopers across the Midwest, and the irradiation of the Mississippi River to divide the United States. The US military continues to be made up of scattered and isolated groups of soldiers.

The protagonist is Robert Jacobs, a former Marine Corps helicopter pilot., wakes up in his makeshift home in Montrose, Colorado, and is sent to a reeducation camp in Alaska for not responding to projects ordered by the occupation forces. However, Jacobs’ journey is interrupted when the bus is ambushed by American resistance fighters Connor Morgan and Rianna. Jacobs is taken to Oasis, a resistance hideout led by local state trooper Boone Karlson. Boone, Connor, and Rianna are aware that Jacobs is a pilot and is recruited to help recover fuel for the American military in San Francisco. Boone starts the operation with himself, Jacobs, Connor, Rianna and Hopper, a Korean-American technical expert.

They plan to steal several tracking beacons at a school used as a concentration camp in contact with a man named Arnie. However, Arnie betrays the team to protect his children, forcing the team to kill on contact and eliminate all forces on the field. They discover a mass grave and are saved from Korean reinforcements by hiding among the corpses. Shortly after Jacobs, Connor, and Rianna are successful in locating the trucks, Connor and the team return to Oasis only to find that Boone and all the residents of the Resistance base have been killed by Korean troops. They escape with other Colorado resistance fighters by breaking through the fortress wall used to keep people trapped in the city by destroying them.

Jacobs, Connor, Rianna, and Hopper manage to escape the Korean forces with information about a helicopter that can be used in the operation found at a survival base in Utah. Homefront Game team infiltrates the base and manages to steal the helicopter, chasing the fuel convoy near California. With the convoy hijacked and with air support from Jacobs, the team continues their journey to San Francisco, where they deliver their fuel to aid the US military.