Flatout 2 Game PC Free Download

Flatout 2 GamePlay

The gameplay is intended to be as simple as possible for a quick start 1 . In races, the objective is to finish before the others, but all shots are allowed vis-à-vis the opponents (pushing the opponents against a post, getting into them, etc.) a bit like a racing Stock car . You must also not have your vehicle destroyed.

A nitro system allows you to give your vehicle more speed. The nitro is acquired either by dabbing other vehicles, either by jumping or destroying many objects of decoration.

A damaged vehicle cannot be repaired.

During a particularly violent impact (with a car or a fixed object in the background), the pilot can do the Crash Out so particular to the universe of FlatOut . The pilot is then ejected through the windshield of the car.

The races take place in various environments: in the forest, in the fields, in the desert, in the canals and in the city.