C&C: Generals and Zero Hour [Full.ISO]

Name : Command and Conquer Generals and Zero Hour |

Platform : PC |

Release Date : 2004 |

Game Type :  Strategy |

Crack : Cracked |

Size : 2.65 GB |

Language : English |

The first expansion pack for the critically acclaimed Command & Conquer Generals challenges players to square off against the world�s most elite commanders for battlefield domination. Even the most experienced C&C Generals veteran must learn new strategies and tactics to take full advantage of — and learn to defend against — the next generation of the world�s most lethal weapons.

ESRB Rating: T for Violence
Genre: Strategy
Also Available On: PC
Release Date: February 2005
Expansion To: Command & Conquer Generals

UPDATE 1/28/2012

I have played this game on Windows Vista as well as both Windows 7 x86 and x64 and works just fine.


For those having issues with the supplied crack/mini image I would suggest heading to www.gamecopyworld.com and try a couple from there. gamecopyworld is a great source for no cd cracks especially when you need one for an older game. Sorry about the hassle but this is an old game and finding a crack seems to be hit or miss for different people. The supplied mini image with this torrent works for me but I noticed it does  not work for everyone. Alternate no-cd site is www.megagames.com. Both sites have been around for years and are great resources for no-cd cracks.

For those not familiar with the layout of www.gamecopyworld.com website, goto the site, pick a mirror, then on the right hand side you will see PC game index, click a-e and locate C&C: Generals or C&C: Generals – Zero Hour, whichever one you need a crack for. Click the title and locate a crack for your version of the game. If you updated to 1.04 Zero Hour then obviously you will need a 1.04 crack. Remember to always make a backup of your files before overwriting them! Saves having to reinstall if you mess something up.

To make comparison with your computer ,Check the Games requirement by this SITE

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Worked great, but only after I found the steps for Win 7 64:

-install daemon tools lite – use direct download link on download.com, only -agree to the first eula on install, and skip all spyware/adware steps
-read readme file in torrent!
-mount image
-read all instructions on image
-install game (will need to mount disk 2, then press continue when prompted)
-re-mount disk 1 to play
-copy files from crack folder into game directory and overwrite originals

*** follow ALL instructions in this link: ***


Hope this saves you time and research!