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Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse is a game of platform in 2.5D developed by Sega Studios Australia and published by Sega . The game is an adaptation of the original for Sega Genesis released in 1990 under the same name , which was the first title in the series Illusion game of Mickey Mouse . The adaptation was released on PlayStation Network on September 3, 2013, and on Xbox Live Arcade and Microsoft Windows on September 4, 2013.

The game is a platformer with a two-dimensional graphics with elements psevdotrёhmernosti and consists of several levels -lokatsy, which can move in any direction.

The gameplay is similar to its predecessor and is roughly as follows. The anthropomorphic mouse Mickey Mouse moves through the levels, destroy enemies and collect useful items; at the end of some levels are bosses . The goal – to save the beloved Mickey, Minnie , from the captivity of an unknown villain. In most of the levels you need to perform any task (for example, look for an object).

Levels in the game are similar to the original game. For example, this enchanted forest, ice cream factory, and so on.. Most opponents monsters and bosses also moved in a remake of the original game. Enemies can be destroyed by jumping from the top bosses do require a certain “tactics.

Exit remake was mostly positive otsenёn critics. The website Metacritic average score was 72 points a game for the PlayStation 3 and 67 points for the console Xbox 360 [8] [9] . The representative of the site IGN praised the project at 6.7 points, praising the developers for idea, but the implementation of a little pumped up because of the fuzzy control and short passing [10] . Similar weaknesses were and columnist from GamesRadar [11] . A journalist from Joystiq called it “a great showcase for the remake and the key elements that make a platformer grander”.

Estimate of 7 points from the reviewer gave the site GameSpot . He liked the idea of developers and its implementation, but criticized for a lack of opportunities to pass the video game [13] . Critic of the Official Xbox Magazine put commended Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse  – 8 points out of 10 possible. He noted that the release itself was a remake of his “funny”, but it has the right to be called “solid platformer”.

Featuring 3D high definition graphics, the game is largely played in side-scrolling like the original version, with the addition of sections that allow locomotion in various directions, as segments of the puzzle. The main offensive ability against opponents Mickey is jumping, which can be used to reach higher areas. Also projectiles there to be collected and thrown at enemies at long range.

Levels were reinvented, with new layouts, puzzles and enemies, as well as battles with bosses improved. The castle itself, which was just a transition between levels in the original, can now be fully explored, with new open play areas, collecting gems scattered around each level.

Throughout the game, players can find playing cards and peppers that can be used to unlock various outfits for Mickey.