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Call of Duty Black Ops 1 Gameplay

The player takes on the role of various characters during the single-player campaign, which changes the perspective of the campaign throughout the story. The characters are agents of the SOG / SAD special forces , conducting covert operations behind enemy lines. In this way, the characters possess their own unique psychological traits and forms. 20 Each mission has a series of objectives, which are displayed on the HUD, and that appear at the top left of the screen. These objectives indicate to the player towards what direction and distance is said objective to be fulfilled. Likewise, the moment when the player manages to reach a control point will be displayed in parallel with the objectives.

During much of the game, you are accompanied by allied troops, who fight alongside the player helping during missions, thus, providing defensive fire, knocking down enemies, moving grenades away and clearing rooms for their entry. During some sequences, it will be possible to pilot a Hind helicopter and a Bell UH-1 which can be used with total freedom and movement; also, for a very short time an SR-71 Blackbird , a reconnaissance aircraft. 21 22The campaign has several scripts, that is, a predefined series of events which are activated by the actions made by the player, which are presented as cinematic moments. One of them is bullet time , which is present in a couple of missions in the campaign.

The campaign has – like other installments in the series – difficulty levels of the player’s choice, which appear at the beginning of a new game, or when choosing a random mission, these are four; 16 “Recruit”, which is the least complicated and the one with the least challenges during the campaign; 16 “Professional”, where the player has more challenges with a little more difficulty, but still not difficult enough; 16 “Hardened”, a mode which is ideal for experienced players, and has smarter and more dangerous enemies (despite being the same), and many more challenges than the previous difficulties; 16And finally, “Veteran”, being the last and most arduous level of difficulty, where the enemies become brutal and extremely precise with the weapons. 16 Whenever desired, while in single player mode, the player is able to decrease the difficulty to the mode preceding the one the player is currently in, for example, if the player is at the « Tanned ”, this will decrease to“ Professional ”.