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Borderlands 2 Gameplay

In the intro you learn that opening the chamber, which was believed to be empty in the first part, released a rare and valuable raw material called eridium. Pandora is ruled by the wealthy boss of the weapons manufacturer Hyperion , Handsome Jack . He is after the eridium on the planet in order to secure control of the planet with its help. In addition, he wants to “civilize” the planet according to his ideas and has parked a huge space station in front of one of the moons. From there, reinforcements are often sent out later in the game.

The four newly arrived exterminators want to prevent this. Right at the beginning you come across a steward bot named CL4P-TP or Claptrapcalled, the last model of its kind that helps you to get in touch with resistance fighters. Claptrap has severe attention deficits and, due to a bug in his circuitry, has to say out loud everything he thinks that can drive people present crazy. Later in the story you meet again some characters from the first part, including the four protagonists who have become the leaders of the resistance movement called “Crimson Raiders”. With their help one tries to put Handsome Jack down.

At the end, the chamber key creates an overview of many planets, which are also provided with a chamber symbol, which suggests that the work is far from over. At this point the main mission ends, you can now go to Sanctuary, listen to the final talk from Lilith, Brick and Mordecai and do other tasks.