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BioShock 2 Gameplay/Walkthrough

The action takes place in 1968, eight years after the end of BioShock. Rapture is now led by Sofia Lamb, obsessed with the idea of ​​abolishing human selfishness. The player takes on the role of the first working prototype of a Big Daddy named Delta, who is exposed to the constant aggression of Lamb. He is looking for Eleanor, Lamb’s daughter and his former Little Sister.

Sofia had stolen it from him before the civil war in Rapture and forced him to commit suicide. Years later, however, the now grown-up Eleanor manages to bring Delta back to life. Through the programmed, strong bond between a Big Daddy and his Little Sister, Delta must take up the fight against Lamb and free Eleanor in order to stay alive.In the course of the BioShock 2, Lamb’s idea of ​​society turns out to be an extreme alternative to Ryan’s concept of the greatest possible individual freedom.

With this position she came into conflict with Ryan before the destruction of Raptures, who fought against her and her ideology by all means. This dispute ultimately led to the disintegration of order and thus to civil war. Despite the different starting positions, Lamb and Ryan differ little in their approach and unscrupulousness.

Lamb wants to turn Eleanor into a submissive utopian to implement her vision, just as Ryan had intended for his son Jack (the protagonist of the first part). Just like Ryan, however, she cannot prevent Eleanor from ultimately turning against her. Depending on how the player behaves in the course of BioShock 2 – i. H. whether he is aggressive or compassionate, whether he kills certain characters or spares them – the end of the game changes.