Battlefield 1942 [Full.ISO]

Name: Battlefield 1942 + All Expansions |

Works on:  PC | Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8) |

Release Date: 2003 |

Game Type: Action |

Crack: Cracked |

Size: 2.36 GB |

Game Modes: Single-Player, Multi-Player |

Language: English |

In the multiplayer-focused Battlefield 1942, players are given the power and tools to affect the outcomes of key battles of WWII. With the ability to control over 35 authentic Axis and Allied vehicles from a first person perspective and select from five player classes,

they are faced with incredible choices in their plan of action. Among a vast array of available options, players can choose to heroically storm or defend the beaches of Normandy, direct artillery or command a tank at Kursk, pilot a fighter or operate shore battery at Midway, command an aircraft carrier or jeep at Gaudalcanal, and take charge of a bomber or an APC in Tobruk – experiencing some of the most dramatic moments of WWII. The game will be available for the PC in summer 2002.

Battlefield 1942 will support up to 64 players and give them the ability to fully experience World War II combat. Playing as several infantry classes, gamers will also be able to control many weapons available to the Axis and Allies as well as command numerous land vehicles, ships and aircraft. With larger craft such as a bomber or battleship, the game will allow players to choose what stations they serve – pilot, gunner, bombardier, etc. Proper use and management of each vehicle will determine the success or failure of each battle.

Battlefield 1942 will also feature incredibly large and detailed maps – up to four kilometers — that allow players to strategize a variety of battle plans. The fighting in Battlefield 1942 takes place in the most famous and pivotal battles of the Second World War from Europe, Pacific, Eastern Europe and North Africa. Over 16 maps from these four theaters of WWII will be included. The game uses a proprietary engine named the Refractor 2, the most robust 3D rendering engine available and fully fleshes out the action.

Though multiplayer experience will be the focus of Battlefield 1942, there will be a mode of unique single player action. These levels feature advanced artificial intelligence with no scripting, meaning players will get a completely different experience each time they play.

Control over 35 authentic WWII vehicles ships and aircraft including tanks, fighters, bombers, jeeps and battleships from first person perspective.
Five different character classes – assault, medic, scout, anti-tank, engineer — with unique strengths and weaknesses.
16 large and highly detailed maps from four WWII theaters that players must utilize to give the game strategic elements as well.
Proprietary Refractor 2 engine raises bar for graphics and 3D rendering.
Huge multiplayer component supporting up to 64 players that requires teamwork and cooperation from each member in order to achieve victory for the Axis or Allies.
Operate many hand weapons of war that were available to the Axis and Allies. Unique single player mode features no scripting, meaning the player will get a completely different experience each time they play.

Minimum Requirements:

* Windows XP, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows 98, (Windows NT and 95 are not supported)
* 500 MHz Intel Pentium or AMD Athlon processor
* 128 MB RAM
* 4x CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive
* 1.2 GB free hard disk space plus space for saved games (additional space required for Windows swap-file and DirectX 8.1 installation)
* 32 MB video card which supports Transform & Lighting and with DirectX 8.1 compatible driver
* DirectX 8.1 compatible sound card
* Keyboard, Mouse

Recommended Requirements:

* 800 MHz or faster Intel Pentium III or AMD Athlon processor
* 256 MB or more RAM
* 16x or faster CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive
* 1.2 GB free hard disk space plus space for saved games
* 64 MB or greater video card which supports Transform & Lighting
* Environmental Audio capable sound card

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There are 4 ISO files. You will need a Virtual Drive (EX: POWERISO, ULTRAISO, MAGICISO, DAEMONTOOLS, CLONEDVD, ALCOHOL120%).
1- Mount “Battlefield 1942 CD1.iso”, then run SETUP.EXE and start installation process.
2- It will request from you to insert CD2, CD3, and CD4 sequentially. (just mount them one after another and press OK).
3- Install patch v1.61b cracked. And you are free to go!

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