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Check out the I Scream expertise badge

Posted on 05/01/14 by Craig Bowman
I scream badge

  The I Scream expertise badge?You are not seeing things, we are posting a new Foursquare badge on!  Some are saying that this badge has been around before, but this if the first time I’ve seen it.  If you have hear of this badge before, please leave a comment below.  Let’s hope this is […]

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Foursquare brings back the Halloween badge for 2013

Posted on 10/31/13 by Craig Bowman

As many of you are well aware, Foursquare releases a badge or badges every Halloween. This year is no different, so go get your 2013 Foursquare Halloween badge.  How to unlock Shout “Happy Halloween” during Halloween night in your neighborhood. Your mission: find Miley twerking Walter White or a Fox. Tweet pics #4SQmission. Best pics […]

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Have the Best Day of Your Life and unlock the Thrillist Foursquare badge

Posted on 06/21/13 by Craig Bowman

  The new Trillist Foursquare badge was released today and is being unlocked all over the country, in 17 cities to be exact.  Is there a badge available in your city?  Check out the lists below from Thrillist.   How to unlock: Follow Thrillist on Foursquare Check in venues recommended by Thrillist.  Check below for a list […]

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The NYU Foursquare badge joins the college badge series

Posted on 05/04/13 by Craig Bowman

  The NYU Foursquare badge began to unlock back on April 30th.  Although you may bave previous college badges, this badge will also be an badge anyone can unlock, for now. How to unlock: Follow NYU on Foursquare Check in at recommended venues from NYU.  Some users are stating that the badge can only be […]

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Unlock the Motor City Foursquare city badge next time you are in Detroit

Posted on 03/26/13 by Craig Bowman

  The Motor City Foursquare city badge has been released for Detroit, Michigan.  Like most of the other city badges, the same rules apply to unlock the Motor City Foursquare city badge.   How to unlock: Follow Foursquare Cities on Foursquare Check in at 5 venues in Detroit, recommended by Foursquare.   Unlock Message:  Example Venues: Northland Center Mall Greektown […]

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