Untappd shows no sign of slowing down on their badge releases

Posted on June 15, 2014 by Craig Bowman

Foursquare might have stopped releasing badges, except “accidental” releases, but Untappd shows no signs of slowing down on their badge releases.  Some of the new badges are based on Ontario Craft Beer Week, the World Cup, Fat Tire and the always delicious Hefeweizen.  Check out the badges below and see if there are any that you can unlock.


Ontario Craft Beer Week (2014)
Thanks for celebrating Ontario Craft Beer Week 2014 and supporting local Ontario craft breweries. For a full list of craft beer events this week, visit http://www.ocbweek.ca/events.
Taking place June 13th through 21st, this year’s festivities are sure to be even bigger than last. Check-in any beer at two (2) different participating venues listed here. Be sure to add your location to your check-in for it to count! – See more at: http://blog.untappd.com/#sthash.XpiOMbI3.dpuf
World Pint (2014)
Goooooaaaaalllll! Cheers to the diversity of the World Cup and may the best team win!
Unlock the very special “World Pint (2014)” badge by checking in to a beer from at least two (2) different countries from the list of those participating in the World Cup ( June 12 – July 13 ). – See more at: http://blog.untappd.com/#sthash.XpiOMbI3.dpuf
I <3 Colorado Beer (2014)
Come see what’s brewing in Colorado this June 28th & 29th in Downtown Fort Collins as more than 50 Colorado Breweries join beer lovers nationwide for the 25th Colorado Brewers’ Festival. $20 tasting packages available now! http://dofo.co/cobf­untappd.
can be unlocked by checking in to any two (2) beers from any Colorado brewery listed below. It will only be available from June 9th to June 28th, so be sure to pick up your favorite brew from The Centennial State! – See more at: http://blog.untappd.com/#sthash.XpiOMbI3.dpuf
Sixpoint Cycliquids
You’ve unlocked the Sixpoint Cycliquids badge! Spinning with citrus juices and wheat ale, RAD is the first rollout in a new cycle of sick liquids from Sixpoint Brewery.
To unlock the “Sixpoint Cycliquids” badge, check-in to at least two (2) RAD’s between June 5th and July 5th. – See more at: http://blog.untappd.com/#sthash.XpiOMbI3.dpuf
Fat Tire Experience
You just drank in the Fat Tire Experience! Fat Tire pairs well with good friends, good times and Untappd. Win the Fat Tire Experience at “http://newbelgium.com/FatTireExperience!
You can unlock the “Fat Tire Experience” badge by checking in to at least one (1) Fat Tire Amber Ale between June 1st and September 30th. – See more at: http://blog.untappd.com/#sthash.XpiOMbI3.dpuf
100 Days of Hefe
Here’s to making the most of the summer with The Original American Hefeweizen during 100 Days of Hefe!
check-in to at least ten (10) total Hefe’s by September 1, 2014. – See more at: http://blog.untappd.com/#sthash.XpiOMbI3.dpuf
The Summer Original
Here’s to enjoying the summer with The Original American Hefeweizen!
can be unlocked by checking-in to at least one (1) Widmer Brother’s Hefe between today (May 22nd) and September 1st. – See more at: http://blog.untappd.com/#sthash.XpiOMbI3.dpuf
Saison Dupont Cuvee Dry Hopping
Congratulations! You’re one of a small number of people to be able to try this special Cuvee 2014 dry­hopped version of Brasserie Dupont’s legendary Saison Dupont. It’s an experimental brew made in very limited quantities just once per year. Brewer Olivier Dedeycker worked with whole flower Challenger hops grown on a Belgian farm. Compare it to classic Saison Dupont. You may note accentuated floral, spice and citrus notes. Find more of our beers at www.belgianexperts.com.
check-in to one (1) Saison Dupont Cuvee Dry Hopping 2014 and you’ll unlock a special new badge. – running from May 21st through June 21st. See more at: http://blog.untappd.com/#sthash.XpiOMbI3.dpuf


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