Love German Food? There’s a new Schweinshaxen Foursquare Badge for you!

Posted on December 7, 2012 by Craig Bowman



Foursquare released a new expertise badge for German food lovers, called the Schweinshaxen Foursquare Badge.  Those of you who are frequent visitors to German Restaurant venues will more than likely get a surprise the next time you check in.

How to unlock:

Check in at the same German Restaurant venue 5 times or at three different German Restaurant venues.  Make sure the German Restaurant you are checking into has the right category image or it will not count towards your badge unlock.  The next level of the badge will unlock after 5 additional, different, venues.


Unlock Message:

Bratwurst. Eisbein. Sauerkraut. Labskaus. And you can’t resist a good Schnitzel. Now grab a Bier and enjoy the Gemütlichkeit at your Stammtisch. Guten Appetit!


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