Alpha Sigma Phi launches their Foursquare badge

Posted on November 15, 2012 by Craig Bowman


Foursquare has released another greek badge today.  The Alpha Sigma Phi Foursquare badge is available now for anyone that checks into Alpha Sigma Phi chapter house venues.  The one greek badge per foursquare account rule is still in place unfortunately.  We are hoping that Foursquare lifts this rule sometime down the road.

How to unlock:

Like Alpha Sigma Phi on Foursquare

Check in three times at chapter house locations.  Currently, you can only unlock 1 greek badge per account on Foursquare.


Unlock Message:

Causa Latet Vis Est Notissima! You strive “to better the man” and live our values of Silence, Charity, Purity, Honor and Patriotism. Louis is proud to share this badge with you!


Example Venues:

South Orange, New Jersey
Alpha Sigma Phi – Zeta Alpha Chapter

Hoboken, NJ
Alpha Sigma Phi

Plattsburgh, New York
Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity House

Troy, New York
Beta Psi of Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity

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