Foursquare is releasing three new spooky halloween badges

Posted on October 27, 2012 by Craig Bowman


Foursquare has brought back halloween badges again this year.  The tradition started with their Halloween 2010 badge.  I’d like to think my blog posts have gotten a little better since then.  There will be three new badges this year starting with the Halloween 2012 badge which many  have us have seen over the years.  The next badge, called the Zombie Swarm badge is a new twist on the usual swarm badge.  Other variations of this badge were the Spooky Swarm in 2010 and the Halloween Swarm in 2011.

How to unlock these badges:

Halloween 2012 Badge - Check in any time between October 27th – 31st and shout “Happy Halloween with your check-in.  You can unlock this badge at any venue.

Unlock Message:

You made it to the party only to find your ingenious iPad Mini costume (refrigerator box FTW!) doesn’t fit through the door. Now you’re stuck outside with the Mars Rover and a bunch of binders. Next year, it’s back to the old standby: Bob Ross.


Zombie Swarm - Check in at any venue between October 27th – 31st where there are at least 10 other people already checked in.  Combo this with a “Happy Halloween” shout and you can unlock two badges at once.

Unlock Message:

Ermagherd! This place is swarming! At least five Boy Scouts are in line for the bathroom (thanks a lot, Wes Anderson), there’s a Gangnam Style flash mob coming your way, and… is that a slutty Big Bird making out with Bane in the corner? Shut it down.


Ghoul Night - Check in at any venue after 6PM and shout “Happy Halloween” or “Trick or treat”

Unlock Message:

Party hard, and maybe tonight, someone will FINALLY recognize your Susan B. Anthony costume. (People, she’s on the silver dollar!)


Need a hand with other badges? Check out our full foursquare badge list here

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