Montevideo, Uruguay now have a Mateína Foursquare City Badge

Posted on September 6, 2012 by Craig Bowman


The Mateína Foursquare City Badge has been released for Montevideo, Uruguay.  Like most of the other city badges, the same rules apply to unlock the Mateína Foursquare City Badge.

How to unlock:

Follow Foursquare Cities on Foursquare

Check in at 5 venues from the Montevideo City Badge – Mateína list.



Unlock Message:

You’re a regular Montevideana! Take a walk on the Rambla, drink mate with bizcochos, then trek to the Ciudad Vieja to hear a tango or two. Hungry? Hit up the Mercado del Puerto for some asado before hopping from boliche to boliche. ¡Qué copado, che!


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