How to unlock the SLB Game Changer Foursquare Badge

Posted on July 10, 2012 by Craig Bowman



The Sigma Lambda Beta Fraternity is one of three fraternities to get their own Foursquare badge released today.  The SLB Game Changer Foursquare Badge is now available for unlock.

How to unlock:

Follow Sigma Lambda Beta on Foursquare

Sigma Lambda Beta recently left a tip at the Hyatt Regency in Tampa, Florida.  The tip states “Brothers of Sigma Lambda Beta, from July 12th – 15th, be sure to check-in to the Hotel. You will learn how to earn the SLB Badge!”

Check into the Hyatt Regency in Tampa, Florida and make sure you check into the BETACON 2012 event.

Unlock Message:

You can now call yourself a true Sigma Lambda Beta game changer, and have the badge to show for it! Every day, you’re there to witness it like no other. Now, you can walk away saying you took part in the great change for SLB.

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