Explore the world with TIM and unlock the No Borders Foursquare badge

Posted on July 31, 2012 by Craig Bowman



The wireless company, TIM, has released a new No Frontiers Foursquare badge.  Other badges from the mobile world have been seen on foursquare, including the Vodafone Passport and Vodafone Portugal badges.


How to unlock:

Like Tim Brasil on Foursquare

There are many twitter users tweeting that the badge can be unlocked by checking in at the series of venues below.


 Circo dos Sonhos com a Turma Da Monica

 Colégio Dom Óton Mota

 Balsa da Ilha da Gigóia

Unlock Message:

Você curte marcar presença em lugares que abrem sua mente? A TIM está na torcida para que você continue evoluindo sem fronteiras!

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