Trois Rivieres, Quebec receives their new Cité de Laviolette Foursquare City Badge

Posted on June 28, 2012 by Craig Bowman


Trois Rivieres, Quebec  is among the newest cities to receive a new Foursquare City badge.  As usual, the same rules apply to unlock the Cité de Laviolette Foursquare City Badge.

How to unlock:

Follow us on foursquare
Follow Foursquare Cities on Foursquare

Check in at 5 spots from the Cité de Laviolette Badge List.


Unlock Message:

Where might one find a Grand Prix, poetry, and round-the-clock poutine? Only in Trois-Rivières, of course. Saunter along the Saint-Laurent at the Harbourfront, then make for La Rue des Forges with some friends. C’est malade!


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