Head out to Vegas and pick up your Hard Rock Rock Star foursquare badge

Posted on June 28, 2012 by Craig Bowman



Hard Rock Hotel & Casino released their new Hard Rock Rock Star foursquare badge.  This badge is only available in the Las Vegas area.

How to unlock:

Check in at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino venue on foursquare. You will also need to check into at least two other venues where Hard Rock has left tips. You can find a full list of venues where they have left tips here.  Your check-ins will have to be over the course of two days or more to get the unlock.

Unlock Message:

Congratulations! You unlocked the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino “Rock Star” Badge. We see that you can hang with the legends, so we honor you with VIP admission to Vanity and Rehab. Rock on, Rock God! Ozzy would be proud.

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