Sony releases a similar but New Sony Xperia Football Final Foursquare Badge

Posted on May 18, 2012 by Craig Bowman


Sony Xperia is back again with a new Foursquare badge.  The Sony Xperia Football Final Foursquare Badge will be available at Fußball Arena München from May 18th to 19th 2012.  Sony released a badge last year for the same event called the Xperia Footy Final Badge.  The badge sported the same image but different name and unlock message as the 2012 version.


How to unlock:

Follow us on foursquare

Follow Sony Xperia Football on foursquare

Check in at Fußball Arena München from May 18th to 19th 2012.


Unlock Message:

Kits as far as the eye can see! What could be better than watching your team win today? A chance to win a brand new Sony Xperia™ S. Just email to enter. Visit for T&Cs. Sony is a Partner of UEFA Champions League.

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