College graduates can now receive a new “Hats Off” foursquare badge

Posted on April 28, 2012 by Craig Bowman


College graduates have something else to celebrate at their commencement ceremony with the release of the new Hats Off foursquare core badge.  The design of the badge is very similar to that of previous college core badges.

How to unlock:

Foursquare mentioned in their blog post “To unlock the “Hats Off” badge, just check in at your commencement ceremony and shout about graduation too (ie. “I’m graduating!”)”



Unlock Message:

Pomp and Circumstance booming, speakers waxing poetic on staying hungry (and foolish), and even some brave souls taking their diploma walk in flip flops. It’s graduation! Cheers to all of the commenced – the real world is ready for you now.


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