Check in on 4-16 in your part of the world and unlock the 4sqDay 2012 foursquare badge

Posted on April 15, 2012 by Craig Bowman



The 4sqDay event was born in 2010 and it seems to get more exciting each year.  Foursquare celebrated with a badge last year as well.  We hope you will take part in the event in some fashion.  There are a ton of meetups happening worldwide for you to mingle and celebrate 4sqDay with your fellow foursquare lovers.  Happy 4sqDay from !

How to unlock:

Check in anywhere on 4/16/12 and you will unlock the badge.  There is no shout needed to get the unlock.



Unlock Message:

In 2010, foursquare fans declared April 16 4sqDay (4/4^2 – nerds after our own heart!). Two years and two billion check-ins later, you’re still why we get out of bed each day. Thanks to all 20 million of you for making us part of your lives. Happy 4sqDay!


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