The Porky badge is back as a Foursquare expertise badge

Posted on March 6, 2012 by Craig Bowman


The Porky badge has been a staple badge for years now at SXSW. Foursquare has brought the badge back as an expertise badge.

 How to unlock:

Check in at 1 BBQ Joint 5 different times or 3 different venues to unlock level 1.  Every level after will come after checking in at 5 more different BBQ Joint venues.

Unlock Message:

Brisket or ribs? Pulled pork or pork belly? What sides will you get? Whatever you choose, remember to bask in that contented, full-of-barbecue feeling before it turns into over-stuffed regret. And wipe that sauce off your face. You’re making us hungry.


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