Phi Delta Theta releases a new foursquare badge

Posted on March 30, 2012 by Craig Bowman


Miami’s secret fraternity Phi Delta Theta has released a new foursquare badge today.  The international fraternity is highly respected with colonies in over 43 states and 5 Canadian provinces.  The popular group will also have a few giveaways for users to unlock the badge.  We hope that fraternity badges become a regular release over at foursquare.

How to unlock:

Follow Phi Delta Theta on Foursquare.

Unlock the badge by checking in at 3 venues at a Phi Delta property.  Check out their foursquare page for venues that could get you the unlock.




Unlock Message:

Friendship! Sound learning! Moral rectitude! You’re becoming the greatest version of yourself, and now you’ve got the badge to prove it.


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