Foursquare releases a new badge for all you train riders

Posted on March 22, 2012 by Craig Bowman


Foursquare released a new expertise badge today for those of us who are dependent on the railway system.  Foursquare released a badge very early awarding it’s users for the same type of checking in with the old Trainspotter badge.  We like that Foursquare went back and revisited the same scheme of checkins for the release of a core badge.  Special thanks to for being our source of foursquare badge info while I am out getting married and enjoying paradise on an island that has poor internet service.


How to unlock:

Check in at the same train station 5 times or at three different trains stations.  Make sure the train station you are checking into has the right category image like the one shown here or it will not count towards your badge unlock.  The next level of the badge will unlock after 5 additional, different, venues.

From the MTA to the Tube, the Shinkansen to the Trans-Siberian, you’ve ridden them all (or will someday)! Here’s to the beauty of public transit, and to always giving up your seat for the pregnant, elderly, and backpackers who haven’t showered in a week.


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