Waterville Valley Resort

Posted on February 19, 2012 by Craig Bowman



Unlock Message:

From scaling our 4,000 foot mountain to exploring the 500 acre village, you’re sure having one heck of a time! But the fun’s only beginning, so grab your friends and keep checking in around the Resort to unlock exclusive deals and specials.


How to unlock:


Follow Waterville Valley Resort on foursquare.

Check in at venues around the resort to unlock their badge.  You can find a full list of venues where they have left tips here.

You can get the unlock with a single check in at the Waterville Valley Ski Area.


*You can now level up this badge.
To level-up:
Level 1 = 1x check-in
Level 2 = 3x check-in
Level 3 = 5x check-in
Level 4 = 7x check-in
Level 5 = 9x check-in
Level 6 = 11x check-in
Level 7 = 13x check-in
Level 8 = 15x check-in
Level 9 = 17x check-in
Level 10 = 19x check-in


• Previous check-in count towards the badge
• One check-in per day count towards the level-up badge


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