foursquare badge – Jackson Hole 2012

Posted on December 16, 2011 by Craig Bowman


You’re now an insider at the legendary Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Think you have what it takes to drop down Corbet’s Couloir? Take a look. Then slowly creep away. We promise not to tell anyone, you big baby.


How to unlock:

Follow Jackson Hole on foursquare.  Find their foursquare brand page here.

Check in at venues where they have left tips.  You can see a full list of venues where Jackson Hole has left tips at the list located here.


*You can now level up this badge.
To level-up:
Level 1 = 1x check-in
Level 2 = 3x check-in
Level 3 = 5x check-in
Level 4 = 7x check-in
Level 5 = 9x check-in
Level 6 = 11x check-in
Level 7 = 13x check-in
Level 8 = 15x check-in
Level 9 = 17x check-in
Level 10 = 19x check-in

• Previous check-in count towards the badge
• One check-in per day count towards the level-up badge


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