foursquare badge – Mount Snow 2012

Posted on November 26, 2011 by Craig Bowman


Looks like you’ve found the best skiing and riding in southern Vermont. Don’t stop there. Keep checking in to unlock great specials all around the mountain. And enjoy our new Bluebird Express – America’s only six passenger bubble lift.


How to unlock:

Follow Mount Snow on foursquare.  Find them here.

Check in at the Mount Snow Main Base Lodge in West Dover, VT.  Find the venue here.

This badge can also be unlocked at multiple locations where Mount Snow has left tips.  See their whole list of tips here.


*You can now level up this badge.
To level-up:
Level 1 = 1x check-in
Level 2 = 3x check-in
Level 3 = 5x check-in
Level 4 = 7x check-in
Level 5 = 9x check-in
Level 6 = 11x check-in
Level 7 = 13x check-in
Level 8 = 15x check-in
Level 9 = 17x check-in
Level 10 = 19x check-in

• Previous check-in count towards the badge
• One check-in per day count towards the level-up badge


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