foursquare badge – Halloween Swarm 2011

Posted on October 28, 2011 by Craig Bowman


Your band of monsters is strong. Zombies to your left, vampires to your right, and that guy in the corner who keeps yelling “#Winning.” Just be careful on your way out… you don’t want to run into that slutty Chilean Miner.


How to unlock:

Beginning the night of 10/29/11 check-in at a venue with other people like you would the normal swarm badge. Check around your city for venues with 50 other people checked in and check yourself in!



Need a hand with other badges?  Check out our foursquare badge list here.


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  1. [...] Foursquare has brought back halloween badges again this year.  The tradition started with their Halloween 2010 badge.  I’d like to think my blog posts have gotten a little better since then.  There will be three new badges this year starting with the Halloween 2012 badge which many  have us have seen over the years.  The next badge, called the Zombie Swarm badge is a new twist on the usual swarm badge.  Other variations of this badge were the Spooky Swarm in 2010 and the Halloween Swarm in 2011. [...]