Foursquare Badge – Early Adopter (SXSW 2011)

Posted on March 11, 2011 by Craig Bowman


Welcome back to SXSW. Props for being one of our first 5,000 users. Show @dens or @naveen this badge and make them buy you an ice cold High Five!


The early adopter is coming back this year!

This badge was originally released in 2010 for the members who checked into SXSW 2010.   The catch was that it was only available in 2010 to those who checked into the SXSW event in 2009.  Word is that there were about 5,000 people who checked into the 2009 event, so this badge will be one of the few that we wont get the chance to unlock.. unless you were lucky enough to be at 2009 SXSW.


If you were one of the lucky 2009 adopters, check in at SXSW 2011 to pick up this badge!



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