Foursquare Badge – Sunday River

Posted on January 20, 2011 by Craig Bowman

Badge Message – “Congratulations! You’ve found your happy place and we’re proud to bestow upon you the coveted Sunday River badge.”

This badge can be unlocked by first following the sunday river foursquare profile page.

This badge can be unlocked by checking into venues on their foursquare profile page!

*You can now level up this badge.
To level-up:
Level 1 = 1x check-in
Level 2 = 3x check-in
Level 3 = 5x check-in
Level 4 = 7x check-in
Level 5 = 9x check-in
Level 6 = 11x check-in
Level 7 = 13x check-in
Level 8 = 15x check-in
Level 9 = 17x check-in
Level 10 = 19x check-in

• Previous check-in count towards the badge
• One check-in per day count towards the level-up badge

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