Foursquare Badge – Red Badge

Posted on November 30, 2010 by Craig Bowman

Badge Message – “December 1 is World AIDS Day. We’re striving for an AIDS Free Generation by 2015. Thanks for unlocking the (RED) badge and helping make this possibility a reality!”

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Wednesday, December 1 marks (RED)’s World AIDS Day, where landmarks around the world will be illuminated in red lights to highlight the cause of HIV/AIDS prevention. The organization’s goal is for the year 2015 to mark the beginning of the first AIDS-free generation.

To raise awareness, social network users can help to turn a map of the world red using Twitter and Facebook or by attending a (RED) Meetup. Foursquare users can also participate by including the hashtag “#turnred” when they check in at any location, which will unlock a special (RED) badge.

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