Foursquare Badge – Super Swarm

Posted on August 5, 2010 by Craig Bowman

Badge Message – “50 person foursquare swarms are soooo 2009. We upped it to 250 for the Super Swarm and you still nailed it. Well played!”

To unlock this badge you will need to be part of a check-in swarm to a location that has 250 people checked in.  The time frame of the front of the 250 to the back of the 250 is 3 hours.. meaning if you checked in to a location you would need 249 other people to check-in within a 3 hour time period.  All 250 members of the swarm must stay checked in. Checking in somewhere else will take you out of the swarm and you will not get credit if the location hits 250.

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