Foursquare Badge – Last Degree

Posted on August 19, 2010 by Craig Bowman

This is perhaps one of the most limited foursquare badges.  The “Last Degree” badge has been unlocked again a second person.  Christopher Vandaele became the second person to unlock this badge in foursquare history.  Christopher was able to get the unlock on 4/16/2012 (why not do it on foursquare day).  Until Christopher’s unlock, the only badge holder was Parker Liautaud and sadly that was his only check-in as of the date of this post.  Although this badge is not unlocked very frequently, the badge will stay in the active section of the foursquare badge list since it is still possible to get an unlock.

The 2010 unlock from Parker included the circular core badge.

The 2012 unlock from Christopher included the updated updated version.



 How to unlock:

Contact Foursquare about your trip to the north pole and coordinate an unlock.


Badge Message –

Congrats on making it to the North Pole!  Take a deep breath, plant your flag and be sure to get home safe!

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