Foursquare Badge – Fashionista (Bravo)

Posted on August 5, 2010 by Craig Bowman

Badge Message – ” You’ve found the key to BRAVO’s Launch My Line insignia. Now, go find us some sales!”

To unlock this badge you  need to first be following the Bravo account on Foursquare.  You will first need to get the Bravo Newbie badge before this badge can be unlocked.

Next you will need to do a Foursquare search for the tag “bravo”.  To unlock this badge you will need to make just one check-in to a venue with the bravo tag.  Some sites are reporting that the venue must be part of the “Apparel” category.

*Update – I was able to unlock this badge here on 4/7/10 and this venue was in the category “Department Store”.  Tags have been wiped from this venue for some reason since the unlock.

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