Foursquare Badge – Cupcake Connoisseur (TLC)

Posted on August 5, 2010 by Craig Bowman

Badge Message – “A true cupcake connoisseur, you know the goods when you see (and taste) them! TLC’s Cake Boss would be proud.”

To get this badge you need to first follow the TLC page on Foursquare.

To unlock this badge after you are following the TLC page you will need to check-in to 1 location recommended by them.  You can find their recommended venues on their Foursquare page under their tips list.

*Tips  – Look at the categorys when choosing which venue to check into.  Prior to the tags going down on Foursquare (late june 2010) you could search for the tag “tlcsummer” which would populate venues in the BBQ category and Bakery category.

These tags at that time were the key to getting these badges (only in certain cities) and I was able to unlock all 3 TLC badges this way.  Since all tags were turned back on with foursquare I am not certain that this method still works.  I am pretty sure this tag no longer works.


Confirmed unlock by jeffarazzi @ Gerogetown Cupcake Washington, DC

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